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Maintenance and Refurbishing

About this division

We have highly qualied and skilled personnel to perform maintenance procedures, refurbishing and restoration of drilling rig components. We perform preventive, corrective and preservative maintenance based on manufacture specications. Our qualied technicians team operates in accordance to API Standards and Reliability - Centered Maintenance ( RCM)

  • 1.- API thread machining for drill pipe, Drill collars, Heavy weight, Casing, Production tubing, Substitutes, Stabilizers, among others. API Spec 7.1, 7.2 : IF, FH, REG, Butress, EUE.

  • 2.- Hardfacing application on Stabilizers and Milling tools

  • 3.- Refurbishing and maintenance of drawworks and handling tools (Elevators, Slips, tongs, Traveling blocks, Swivels)

  • 4.- Refurbishing and maintenance to mud pumps and components.

  • 5.- Refurbishing and maintenance to BOPs, Choke Manifold, and Bolsters.


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